Community Directory

 Emergency Only (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Paramedics) DIAL 9-1-1
Poison Control - State of California 800-876-4766
Poison Control - USA 800-222-1222
Parking Patrol - Patrol One 714-541-0999
Animal Control Animal Control Emergency (Police after hours) 714-993-8164
  Animal Licensing/Shelter Orange County 714-935-6848
  Animal Care Services - 714-935-6848
  Barking Dog
  Dead Animal Pick-Up 714-993-8279
Fire Department non-emergency 714-573-6000
Hazardous Waste Disposal (paint, motor oil, battteries, chemicals, CRTs) 714-834-6752
  1071 N. Blue Gum Street, Anaheim, CA 92806
Parking Citations 800-553-4412 x7522
Police Department non-emergency, City of Placentia
401 E. Chapman Ave., Placentia, CA 92870
Recycling Services  
Senior Center Placentia Senior Center
143 S. Bradford Ave., Placentia, CA 92870
*Call for FREE Transport to and from
Street Sweeping Athens Services for City of Placentia
Service Days - 1st & 3rd Tuesdays
Special Trash Pick Up FREE Bulky Items Pick-Up 714-238-2444
Electric Southern California Edison - 800-990-7788
Gas Southern California Gas Co. - 800-427-2200
Water Golden State Water Co. - 800-999-4033
  Golden Elementary School 714-986-7160
  Col. J.K. Tuffree Middle School 714-986-7480
  El Dorado High School 714-986-7580
  Rose Drive Christian School 714-524-5240
  St. Joseph Elementary School 714-528-1794