Our Town

Placentia is derived from a Latin word meaning "pleasant place to live" and that it is! The city of Placentia proudly boasts beautiful suburban homes, great schools and churches, and wholesome recreational activities.

Our first pioneers to the area were Daniel Kraemer and William and Sarah Jane McFadden in the 1860s. However, Placentia was placed on the map in 1910 when Albert Sumner Bradford, said to be the founding father of Placentia, persuaded the Santa Fe Railroad to re-route their tracks to Placentia. Along the tracks a water tank was established, bringing water to all residents and businesses within a mile radius. A packing house for the town’s growing citrus industry was built, making Placentia the center of Valencia Orange Growing and Packing. The town flourished and by 1926, the 500 citizens of Placentia voted to incorporate as a new and official city.

By 1960, Placentia’s population had reached 5,000; by the 1970s it had grow to 25,000 and was voted an “All American City”.  This honor was given to the fine city of Placentia, where it was recognized for whose citizens working together to achieve amazing community results.

Take a photo Tour Around Placentia for a glimpse of then and now. To read all about our fine city, visit www.placentia.org.

The Bradford house is open for special events and monthly tours. For more information visit www.thebradfordhouse.info.



The Tracks at Brea Trail  |  Walking and Biking Brea through Placentia

Brea The Tracks The Tracks at Brea project is an in-progress and partially open four mile multi-use trail traversing east to west from Brea through Placentia. This trail map shows each proposed section noting those open and proposed. For more information visit the Brea website.